AIMed Expert

Artificial Intelligence Expert (AIE), a spin-off from SAIA NGO, introduces AIMedExpert, a brand dedicated to developing medical AI tools within the OPADE project. AIMedExpert will lead the multi-omics analyses to reveal associations between patients’ microbiome, immune-profile linked epigenome, metabolome, enzyme profiles, and the efficacy of selected antidepressants in MDD in teenagers and young adults.

The team will develop an AI-powered predictive tool to guide psychiatrists/GPs in selecting the most effective anti-depressants for individual patients.The project’s goals will be framed as Data Science problems in collaboration with biomedical partners. Automated bioinformatics pipelines will be used to pre-process molecular data and transform it for AI/ML algorithms. Robotic Process Automation will generate the required input-output pairs.

AIMedExpert will employ Explainable AI (XAI) to make models’ predictions transparent and easily understandable by biomedical teams, and transform predictive rules into prescriptive recommendations. Specialized statistical and AI/ML methods will be used for time-series data and signals. This platform will revolutionize research in the field.