Is a Belgian biotech scale-up developing DynaMAP, a novel technology platform for rapid, precise and cost-effective microbiome profiling.

Microbiomes are the complex and dynamic mixtures of microbes in and around us and are strong determinants of health and well-being. Imbalances of the gut microbiome in particular are associated to physical and mental health and can either be the causation or the consequence of a condition. It makes the microbiome both a candidate as a biomarker for diagnostic and a therapeutic target, holding the keys to new improvements in human health.

Perseus Biomics’ DynaMAP technology is a novel microbiome profiling technology which a unique mix of precision, speed and cost-efficiency to unleash a data driven revolution in microbiome research, therapeutics and personalized medicine.

As a contributor to the OPADE consortium, Perseus Biomics leverages its DynaMAP technology to collect highly precise and dependable gut microbiome insights from the participants enrolled in the project. These results will be determinant to discover relevant microbiome-based biomarkers that support the decision-making process of healthcare providers for the prevention and management of MDD.