The University of Siena is one of the most ancient European academic institutions. Today, UNISI presents a comprehensive disciplinary spectrum, with its 14 Departments, 75 degree programs (BA and MA), 23 PhD programs and several vocational and professional courses. About 20 programs are fully offered in English, while 17 Double Degree Programs are held in cooperation with 15 universities abroad.

As far as the mission of research is concerned, UNISI is among the best Italian small/mid-sized Universities, as shown by the assessment of the National Agency for Research and University Evaluation (ANVUR). A transversal venue of knowledge exhibition and research – the Santa Chiara Lab – promotes several strategic programs.

UNISI confirms its historical mission of an open, international city-campus where the freedoms of thought and expression, the principle of scientific cooperation have been preserved for centuries.

UNISI is the leading clinical recruiting center in the OPADE project and coordinates the activities of the other recruiting centers. UNISI contributes to the project by enrolling almost one-third of the patients in the study and following them up for two years. UNISI will be involved in the dissemination process through collaboration in writing peer-reviewed articles and presenting results at international congresses