Exciting Job Opportunities at CEINGE within the OPADE Project!

September 27, 2023.

Are you passionate about cutting-edge research and eager to make a meaningful impact in the field of Major Depressive Disorder? The OPADE Project at CEINGE has two exciting employment opportunities for dedicated individuals like you!

Contract for Supporting
Administrative Activities

As a key member of our team, you will play a vital role in ensuring the smooth administrative operations of the OPADE Project at CEINGE. Your organizational skills and attention to detail will contribute to the project’s success.

Contract for Supporting
Research Activities

Join us in the front lines of research as you support critical activities within the OPADE Project at CEINGE. Your dedication and commitment will be instrumental in advancing our research goals.

How to Apply:

Interested candidates are invited to submit their applications by 6 October. For detailed information on each position please refer to the corresponding documents or visit the CEINGE employment page at https://www.ceinge.unina.it/index.php/bandi-e-concorsi-0

About OPADE Project at CEINGE:

OPADE’s objective is to identify key biomarkers that support the decision-making process of the healthcare providers through the development and commercialisation of an AI (artificial intelligence) / ML (machine learning) -predictive tool. The project focuses on the gut–brain-axis which plays a major role in MDD. Through clinical investigations, the consortium partners will study the combination between genetics, epigenetics, microbiome and inflammatory networks. To characterize the response to the antidepressant therapies, the main effort of CEINGE in OPADE will be to determine, using «next-generation» sequencing methods, the genetic status of a set of genes and the methylation state of about 1 million sites across the entire DNA, extracted from blood and saliva of each single patient, during the treatment.

Don’t miss this opportunity to join our dynamic team and be part of something extraordinary. Your contributions can make a real difference!
For any inquiries or additional information, please contact Prof. Lorenzo Chiariotti at the e-mail address: chiariot@unina.it

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