Great news for the community of psychologists in Girona!

October 09, 2023.

We are pleased to announce that Dr. Frigola has successfully presented the OPADE project at the College of Psychologists of Girona. This event, which took place in the framework of the dissemination of the research activity of IDIBGI’s mental health research group, was a dissemination event aimed at psychology professionals. The format was hybrid, allowing the participation of around 20 people both in person and virtually.

The OPADE project (Optimise and predict antidepressant efficacy for patients suffering from major depressive disorders using multi-omics analysis and AI-predictive tool) is an innovative initiative that seeks to optimise and predict the efficacy of antidepressants for patients suffering from major depressive disorders. It uses a multidisciplinary approach that combines multi-omics analysis, including genomics, proteomics and metabolomics, with the power of artificial intelligence to improve mental health care.

During the presentation, Dr Frigola shared details about the OPADE project and how this research can revolutionise the way depression is addressed. By using advanced biological data and artificial intelligence tools, it aims to better understand how different biological profiles of patients can influence the response to antidepressants. This will allow healthcare professionals to personalise treatments more effectively, maximising efficacy and minimising side effects.

This hybrid event was a unique opportunity to learn first-hand about Dr Frigola’s work and explore how science and technology come together to address mental health issues in innovative ways. The active participation of members of the Girona College of Psychologists in this event demonstrates the community’s commitment to advancing the field of psychology and mental health.

We thank Dr. Frigola for her valuable contribution and all the attendees, both face-to-face and virtual, for their interest and participation in this presentation. We hope that the OPADE project will continue to move forward and have a positive impact on depression care in Girona and beyond.

Let’s keep working together to improve the quality of life of people struggling with depression and strengthen psychology in our community!

Great news for the community of psychologists in Girona!